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Really good food

Can't fault it, sizeable good quality portions. Only problem was that the driver couldn't find our flat which meant I had to wander around for a few minutes when it was freezing cold sadly!
placed by Adam Chivers on the 20th March 2018

Never again

Maybe I just have way to high standards,but the special birthday dinner I had ordered left me rather disappointed. Lacking flavour and seasoning but full of oil. I wasn’t expecting to be wowed but I was hoping for better. We ordered in around 12 things from across the menu,from onion Bahji, prawn biryani to tandoori prawns Only the lamb rogan josh tasted like Indian food!! Sorry to say but that was the least “Indian” Indian take out I’ve ever had
placed by kai koerber on the 16th February 2018


There was plastic in the food and one of the containers was melted shut but apart from that the food was really good! Came with in the time frame!
placed by Joanna Kiely on the 2nd January 2018

Very happy

Really nice food, not too oily, fresh flavour, particularly the tarka dhal. I'll be back.
placed by Kathy Hulme on the 9th October 2017

Couldn't eat one dish

We eat here regularly and normally the food is of a good standard. But last night we had a take away and one of the dishes was swimming in oil. It looked and tasted disgusting and we couldn't eat it.
placed by Rachael Dowers on the 18th September 2017

Very tasty,

Not the usual indian take away, more herbal, less chilli, very tasty food, good value with discount, smallish portions, not as filling as some other alternatives.
placed by jane Hawkkins on the 6th August 2017

On time and hot but sadly disappointing food

This is only the second time that I've ordered from Jaflong - the first time was when the restaurant just opened - whilst the service was great, we unfortunately were disappointed with the quality of the food. I thought I'd give them another shot last night, but experienced exactly the same thing. I had lamb tikka korai, pilau rice, nan and baingan masala. Firstly, the nan was lovely - hot and good flavours. Rice was godd too. The lamb tikka korai - flavours were just a bit bland - I order lamb korai dish a lot from Curry Cabin down the road and the flavours are always amazing. Additionally, I'm not convinced all of the meat was tikka - and unfortunately most of it was chewy/grisly. The Baingan Masala - it's described in the menu as "aubergine cooked with tomatoes, sliced ginger, garlic, coriander and spices" What turned up appeared to be sliced aubergines cooked in oil. I didn't see any tomatoes, and definitely didn't taste any garlic or ginger. Was rather odd really and not very nice considering th
placed by Douglas Freeman on the 25th June 2017

Best curry for miles

Great food every time
placed by Emma Kitching on the 21st May 2017


And also good
placed by Josh Smith on the 13th May 2017


As always the food is tasty with great flavours. Never have to wait too long for collection or delivery. I order here a few times a week and always happy with the food.
placed by Gemma Matin on the 13th May 2017

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